Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am officially 100% stressed out at this point. We just got our All Star uniforms in and the players shirts and the coaches shirts are TWO DIFFERENT COLORS! The rule for Babe Ruth clearly states that the coaches uniforms must be identical to each other and be in the same colors as the team uniforms. WHAT THE HECK ARE WE GOING TO DO?? The tournament starts TOMORROW, so there is no time to order different coaches shirts and have them here in time and we live in Monticello, so it's not like anyone is going to have some in stock...!!!


Michael said...

I would explain the situation to whoever is over MGSA at the moment. Let them take it up with Babe Ruth and explain the situation, preferably at the meeting tonight and before the games tomorrow.

There's too much money floating around from the parents and coaches, who are involved in this tournament, to let a minor issue such as uniform color (beyond your control) get in the way.

If they can't allow for it, maybe it will open some eyes that some better planning be in order for next year!

My argument would definitely be the timing, money everyone has put in, plans that were changed to make arrangements etc.

dean said...

while i can understand the desirability of having coaches' and players' uniforms, well, uniform, i would think this is an issue that is a non-issue so far as it affecting the outcomes of any games. i mean it isn't like you guys have 13 year old midget ringers on your team or anything. hopefully they can see the dilemma you're faced with.

Shelley said...

too bad when you wrote this we didn't know that they would allow people in TSHIRTS WITH THE SLEEVES CUT OUT and non matching stuff out there, huh!!!!!!!!

RADstitches said...

I take it that every thing worked out with the uniforms!?!? LOL